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General Sales Conditions

[A] Payment Terms – for approved credit accounts shall be 30 days from the date of the invoice unless specifically agreed in writing from this company. Any accounts past due 60 days may be suspended and surcharged 1 1/2% per month until paid and any trade discounts or rebates offered to the customer will be voided. Payments by credit card, unless otherwise agreed, will be activated just prior to the shipment of those goods.

[B]Order Acceptance– will be confirmed, where possible, by fax or e-mail within 4 hours of receipt and be subject to these General Sales Conditions unless stated in writing from a company officer. It is your responsibility to check and notify Genotek before we responsibility to check and notify Genotek before we ship of any changes to this acknowledgement.

[C]Minimum Invoice Value – shall be $50 not including packing and freight. Agreed trade discount or rebates will apply to all invoices above $100 or 10 products, which ever is greater.

[D]Freight– cost via LTL & parcel carriers will be applied to all invoices. We reserve the right to select the most economical method of shipping unless specified on your order instructions. Packaging is not charged unless special requirements are demanded. Estimated freight cost are shown on your faxed or e-mailed Order Acknowledgement.

[E]Export Shipments – and delivery to non-contiguous US states shall be quoted at the time of departure. Export documentation and payment terms must be agreed in writing prior to the goods being released to an export carrier.

[F]Returned Goods– for any reason, will not be accepted without written authorization from Genotek Inc. All returned goods will be deemed your property until inspected and accepted by our staff. Returned goods may be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee plus shipping cost outward and return.

[G]C.O.D. – Shipment charges require prior management approval. Services and expedited carrier rates apply to each consignment.

[H]The Current Price List– supersedes all previous issues and is subject to ongoing changes without prior notice. Prices are for one piece (or assembly) and do not include cost added for shipment, packaging, or any taxes, duty or fees applied beyond our control.

[I]Order Processing – Every effort is made to execute your instructions in a diligent and professional manner. Quality standards and inventory control extends to tracking shipments, dates and weights to ensure that your order is supplied in the best possible way

[J]Packing List – Accompany every shipment of every order and should be checked at the time of delivery for confirmation of contents. Visible damage to any box or it’s contents must be noted on the shipper’s documents and in writing to Genotek Inc. within 3 days of delivery to be considered for replacement.

[K]Variations and Notification– Liability for delivery times, quality or quantity of the shipment on arrival is beyond the responsibility of Genotek Inc. and must be accepted or insured by the customer.

[L]Lost or Damage in Transit – A packing list accompanies every shipment. Any lost or damage must be reported to the shipper immediately and to our ship office within 3 days of receipt to be considered for replacement. By law, title to the goods transfers to the customer when the shipment is accepted by a common carrier who is responsible to you for safe delivery..

[M]Limit of Warranty– Genotek Inc. will not be liable for loss or damage to your property or expense or consequential loss from any damage due directly or indirectly from the use of our products. No claims, visible representations, or statements issued by staff or representatives of the company shall be deemed absolute unless verified by an officer of the company in writing.

[N]Warranty – Genotek Inc. warrants the workmanship and quality used in all it’s products. Liability is limited to replacement only at the sole discretion of the company. This warranty may be varied by your specific legal rights which may vary from state to state within the USA. The customer agrees to settle any disputes using an independent arbitrator approved by the company.

[O]Credit Cards– Only Master Card and Visa are accepted in payment of invoices issued. Except for the last 4 digits of your card number all information will be destroyed after 30 days unless otherwise requested. All transactions are bounded by our Standard Sales Conditions. Each transaction is submitted for payment immediately prior to shipping.

PURCHASE – INQUIRY GUIDEFor fast, accurate shipping, give your distributor the following information: Code # + Color # + Quantity. For example: 312.71 x 120 is 120 pieces of 3/8″ Edge Divider anodized Bright Brass Finish. 108.50 x 65 is 65 pieces of 1/4″ Plastic Trim Edge colored Green Marble finish. or use our Online order form.