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Product Overview


Unless specified, all products are 8 feet long and have 130 Punched Holes in the base to allow adhesive through for maximum bonding to the sub-surface

Regular Holes


Every 3″ is a 5/32″ diameter nail hole to help secure a pre formed trim. With an average of 24% bond area, this flange supports the visible edge of the profile from deflection under extreme loads.

Carpet Trims with barbs have two rows located as shown below with nail holes every 3″ for secure location of trim.

Carpet Barbs


The barbs are angled to secure the weave of the carpet and locked in place when the cover is tapped down.



Flex Edge is a patent design that allows many Genotek profiles to be smoothly shaped to both concave and convex radii. Most edge trims can be bent to a 2″ radius but more complex shapes limited the radius to 10″ or more. The design of the “fingers” permit the tile adhesive to lock in regardless of the bend radius. Genotek does not recommend Bright Anodized metal from being flexed in all but most shallow radii due the effect of the surface


This versatile and light weight metals makes an ideal trim or transition for many applications. Strong, accurate and economical, products can be anodized in a range of colors as well as fabricated to allow profiles to be formed around designs using our FLEX edge.


This metal is much heavier and stronger than aluminum to give more rigid trims and transitions. It has excellent weather and chemical resistance and is best suited to heavy and high traffic areas. Mill finish brass is golden in color but can oxidize to a natural patina when exposed to weather. The visible surfaces can be formed around designs using our FLEX edge.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a plastic that can be blended to be rigid or flexible. It can be colored to almost every shade and Genotek has 42 standard colors. In rigid form it is best used as a wall trim to protect and hide the rough edges of tiles in bathroom and kitchens, and in flexible form can make a good cover strip between floor coverings in light duty applications. It has excellent weather and chemical resistance and the rigid form can be bent to shallow radius

Stainless Steel Products

The versatility of stainless steel in its various forms gives Genotek the ability to make trims an transitions in shapes similar to those extruded in aluminum or brass.

Dependent on the grade selected, it can be 3 to 6 times stronger than aluminum and offers distinctive advantages in corrosion resistance and high strength. We offer three grades for standard products and detail these below.

We also offer a specialist fabrication service using many other grades of stainless to make products within the building industry and medical, food and marine applications.

Grade 430 Stainless Steel products are normally available on a same day delivery basis and offers good corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. This grade is magnetic and ready available in a polished #8 finish or brushed #4 finish at an economic cost.

Grade 304 Stainless Steel is a Chrome Nickel based alloy that is more expensive than Grade 430 but has better corrosion resistance to industrial chemicals and gases. It is easy to weld and form and lends itself to complex fabrications. The polished and brushed finished are not available as standard can be applied on request.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel has even better corrosion and pitting resistance than Grade 304 and offers the best stainless grade for food, medical and marine installations. It is the most expensive as its high Chromium and Nickel content makes it harder than other stainless grades to fabricate and machine but most of our standard profiles can be made with this grade.

Please discuss any design or new project with our technical staff to assure you have made the correct selection.


Zinc was one of the first materials used for trims and transitions. It can be used in terrazzo floors as the surface can be ground to a polished finish. It has excellent weather and wear resistance. Products in zinc are 72″ long and have a silver metal finish. Products can be fabricated to allow profiles to be formed around designs using our Flex edge

Silicone rubber is used in the same application as polyurethane expansion joints but can be formulated for both low temperature applications and stretching or compression beyond that of polyurethane. Both are available in a limited range of colors.

Polyurethane is polymer with both plastic and rubber characteristics. Genotek has found it excellence for inserts in expansion joints where its wear and weather resistance combined with bond ability to metals make it a superior product for this application

Neoprene rubber is permanently flexible down to minus 10° F and has good weather and chemical resistance. Genotek has a limited range of colors in the stair tread inserts where this material is mainly used


Grade 6463 and 6063 on non-visible products Temper T5 and T1 on some flexible products.

Finish – Mill (natural aluminum) may be subject to oxidization in damp / wet conditions and will degrade in structural strength.

Finish – Satin (etch anodize) has a non-reflective metallic finish that increases corrosion resistance. Color is permanent but may fade in extreme sunlight.

Finish – Bright or polished (BD anodize) gives the maximum surface hardness and corrosion resistance. Similar range of colors to satin finishes Surface may be subject to micro fine cracks on sharp bends.

S.G. – 2.12 make-up 97.3% Aluminum, max.0.2% Sulfur

Pros – Design flexibility, intricate shapes and a wide range of color finishes.

Cons – Contact with cement products, salts and oxidizing chemicals.


Grade 360 and 380

Temper – Half hard temper unless requested. Finish – Mill (natural) light gold color during manufacture that will dull in damp conditions to a dark brown color but with no loss of structural strength. The finish may be restored using chemical cleaners and polishes.

Finish – Polishing or Brushing are standard finishes that can be applied to most shapes.

SG – 6.7 Make-up 69% Copper / 29% Zinc.2% misc. impurities.

Stainless Steel

Grade 403

Finish – 1. Annealed and polished or brushed one side with plastic film protection.

Finish – 2. Regular mill (matte) finish. Shapes are rolled or pressed into a limited range of profiles from flat strip. Stainless steel has about 3 times the tensile strength of aluminum and excellent resistance to many chemicals, temperature, weather and abrasion.


Grade DZ7217 has 7% aluminum to improve ductility and is extruded as one piece without steel inserts. This increases strength and permits easy bending for our flexible profiles. Excellent weather resistance and use in Terrazzo installations.

PVC Plastics

Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has excellent weather resistance and color stability up to 150¼F. Products can be flexed to shallow radius bends and is easily cut to length. Surface hardness 55 shore range D. Flexible PVC is used as covers and insert applications and varies In hardness from 55¼ to 83¼ shore A. Best used in interior Installations with high traffic use.